In addition to providing litigation support services, Dr. Boisso presents continuing legal education (CLE) seminars to bar associations and law firms. B A is pleased to share its knowledge on the topics outlined below. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can tailor a seminar to the needs of your group. Please contact Dr. Boisso to plan a CLE session by calling (214) 394-3165 or emailing. There is no charge for these services.

Critical Issues in Calculating Economic Losses Resulting from Injury or Death
A round table discussion of “earning capacity” versus “expected earnings;” forecasts of but-for and mitigating earnings; special cases of certain categories of workers; employee benefits; work-life and life expectancy; loss of household services; personal consumption offsets; income taxes; discount rates and present value calculations.

Lost Profits in Commercial Litigation
An overview of bases for recovery and alternate methods for calculation of lost revenues, avoided costs, and lost profits. Special emphasis given to significant issues, for example, production capacity constraints, duration of the damage period, new or un-established businesses, and choice of discount rate for present value calculations.

Economic Losses Due to Wrongful Termination or Employment Discrimination
A general discussion of the various Acts under which charges of discrimination can be brought, including which damages remedies are available to a plaintiff. Also, a review of methods for calculating back and front pay, and exploration of issues associated with mitigating losses, collateral source income, pre- and post-judgment interest, non-economic damages, and taxes.

Statistical Analysis of Employment Discrimination
The basic principles of statistical measures and concepts; applications/examples of various statistical tests and probability distributions; statistical inference: confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

Basic Regression Analysis for Attorneys
Types of cases in which regression is utilized; the scientific method; null and alternative hypotheses; correlation, causation and regression; fitting equations to data; interpreting results; determining the precision of regressions; working through potential issues; statistical significance versus practical significance.

Selecting and Working With Damages Experts in the Age of Daubert
Examination of case law affecting testimony by damages experts; criteria by which judges are charged to screen experts: relevance, sufficiency (reliability), qualifications of expert; examples of successful Daubert challenges to damages experts.